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From putting in place optimum solutions to the administrative management of your contracts, Gonet Conseils Finances SA delivers risk management at all levels.
Whether you need advice about a specific insurance cover or a portfolio of insurance policies covering several types of risk, Gonet Conseils Finances SA carries out a prior analysis of your needs, taking account both the nature of the risk or risks to be covered as well as your overall asset situation.
Thereafter, and thanks to its in-depth knowledge of both local and international insurance providers and of market conditions, Gonet Conseils Finances SA offers you the best solutions negotiated in the fields of life insurance, health insurance (sickness/accident) and insurance of tangible capital assets (property, motor vehicles, boats, valuable items, etc.).
The administrative management of your insurance claims (submission of statements, negotiations, follow-up and checking the benefits, etc.) is delegated to Gonet Conseils Finances SA, which frees you from the constraints inherent in this type of work. A complete report, itemising all your commitments and deadlines, is sent to you at the end of the year.

Carine Clerc